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Welcome all to Bahrain Dental Society Website.

Bahrain Dental Society was established in 1994, the Kingdom of Bahrain Dental Society is the only professional health organization for all dentists in Bahrain.

Our purpose is to encourage the improvement and to protect the oral health of the public, and to represent the interests of the members of the dental profession.

We are helping to move the oral health of the Kingdom of Bahrain forward, together.




رحله على شاطىء نادي الشراع


نادي الشراع - بالقرب من بلاج الجزائر


                12 November 2010,  12:00 - 19:00

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Bahrain Dental Society Licensure Preparatory Course

December Exam 2010


Venue: The Bahrain Dental Society

Dates: Tuesday 9th of November to Thursday 11th of November 2010; 08:30am to 02:00pm


This intensive 3-day program is primarily designed to help those preparing for the Bahrain Licensure Exam

and is good foundation for people sitting the final part of the MFD examination.

It will also be of interest to practitioners who want to revise and broaden their knowledge

of the art and science of dentistry. We have produced a very comprehensive

candidate-friendly course, which includes 12 hours of material that has

been developed by a team of academics and clinicians.


Verifiable Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Points: 12 Hours

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Bahrain Dental Society Elections 2010


The Bahrain Dental Society would like to thank all who came out for the exciting elections that were held recently on the 17th of May 2010


Vice President

General Secretary

Treasurer & Head of the Fund Raising Committee

Head of the Scientific Committee

Head of the Educational Committee

Enas Al-Rahma

Head of the Social Committee




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http://www.bahrain-dental.com/images/bullet-box.gif قانون مهنة طب الفم والأسنان في مملكة البحرين:

 قانون مزاولة مهنة طب الفم والأسنان الذي اعتمد من قبل لجنة مناقشة القانون في الجمعية وتم تقديمه لوزارة الصحة  اقرأ هنا  

http://www.bahrain-dental.com/images/bullet-box.gif لجنة عالج محتاجا:

فتح باب التبرع لعلاج المرضى المحتاجين   التفاصيل 

http://www.bahrain-dental.com/images/bullet-box.gif اللجنة الاجتماعية:

الغبقة الرمضانية السنوية

رحلة جزر الدار يوم الجمعة الموافق 25/7/2008م

http://www.bahrain-dental.com/images/bullet-box.gif الانضمام للجمعية:

الانضمام للجمعية

باب الانضمام للجان الجمعية مازال مفتوحا


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